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Join us for a free webinar where we’ll walk you through Hoxo’s very own rebrand journey and share how it’s helped our company create a brand that 100% reflects who we are.

Our old brand served us well for six years, but it was time we practised what we preach!

What we'll cover

Behind-the-scenes look at the Hoxo rebrand journey from initial idea to launch - the challenges as well as the successes

How we've seen a 62.5% increase in recruitment agencies directly contacting us about our suite of services within our first month post-launch

What we learnt and how we're applying it for our recruitment sector clients

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October 11th, 11 am (BST)

Meet your host

Amar is the COO of Hoxo Media. He's a former Recruitment Leader who is now on a mission to help Recruitment Agencies build better online brands that win business and thrive in today's digital economy. Amar is currently helping recruitment companies all around the world to create brands with a purpose.


Workshop guest

Bhavan is the Account Director at Hoxo, managing our Client Services team. He's taken his nearly seven years of experience in the recruitment industry to ensure that recruitment businesses get an exceptional brand that reflects who they really are, whilst having an incredible experience during their branding/rebranding journey.

Success stories

The quality of work is exceptional. It's fantastic. The service is second to none. It's almost like we've got an in-house person. They know what we are about as people and they push that cultural piece within our brand. The whole package has been absolutely superb. We're kind of blown away, to be fair. That's why we've signed up with you guys again for another year.

Jamie Trevett

Managing Director | Just Construction

The Hoxo team undertook a thorough review and analysis of our existing brand including a deep dive into our target personas, propositions, and tone of voice across several excellent workshop sessions. This culminated in the development of some excellent design options and ultimately a fully completed re-design of our brand.

Luke Parker

Managing Director | Vivid Resourcing

I've worked with a lot of agencies in the past, but one of the things that really attracted us to you guys in the first place, which is proving itself to be the right thing to have done, is the fact that you specialise in the recruitment market. You've got it where other agencies in the past haven't.

Al Ryan

Group marketing manager | Exemplia Group

Your team has spent an unbelievable amount of quality time getting to know us, getting to know our story, and understanding how we deliver our value proposition to clients, candidates, and potential employees.

Spencer Knibbe

CEO and Founder | MBK Search

The wider team, account management, design, strategy and copy teams have all been amazing! Hoxo does a great job at leading us toward worthwhile pursuits when it comes to strategy. They look after our best interest and we've come to think of them as part of the team.

Robert D.

Director of Marketing & Strategic Development | CCL Global