Case Studies


Mark Thomas, Director of Eames Consulting Group

My first successful post got 1300 likes and 100k views! Now my record is 11,000 likes and 1 MILLION views!

Toby Babb, CEO – Harrington Star

We achieved 350 Inbound experienced recruiter leads during 1 x campaign, leading to 3 hires worth $2m in billings in their previous companies

Simon Curtis, MD – Vado MedTech

We secured 5 clear new business opportunities inside the first campaign go live, leading to a £27,000 perm deal!

Sarah Hopkins, Founder – Jomo

Hoxo have been amazing from day one. Nothing is ever a problem and we have never had to push back on anything based on quality of work.

Peter Fitzroy, Founder – Metamorph Talent

355 HR Directors came inbound inside our first paid campaign and as a result we are working with 3 x new clients across Asia Pacific

Dan Puttick, Director – Links Recruitment

Whilst the leads are super important, the sales consultancy provided by Hoxo has also had a huge impact on our business. We have a small team who are now able to reach more clients, faster and with context. Hoxo have completely changed the way we work for the better!

Lloyd Gordon – CEO, Focus Cloud

Hoxo came in at a time where I was skeptical about marketing in general. I soon realised that they were experts and we were in safe hands.Our brand has grown exponentially and we have signed clients from inbound campaigns.

Charlie Sell, MD – Arrows Group Global

Hoxo gave us a strategy for the first time in 15 years. Whilst we have so many new moving parts to our strategy, most notably we achieved 15 meetings inside 4 weeks purely from using the automation to engage the data we already have.

Ben Heathorn, MD – Joss Search

Since working with Hoxo we have created some great content and achieved more reach online and more traffic to our site. The net result of this has been more jobs, more placements and a more engaged workforce. We are now excited to replicate this success as we grow into US markets.

Jack Cahill, Director – CLM

I am super excited with the new brand and website, I honestly couldn’t be happier and it’s safe to say both the brochure and the website have far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your patience and attention to detail, you will be highly recommended by myself and everyone at CLM.

Amy Ferris, Founder – Place Recruitment

I am so happy with all the work you have done for us. Our brand is looking so good and it's  getting noticed – we have won 2 new clients in the last 2 week from our Linkedin content. I am really happy I have partnered with Hoxo for our marketing. You guys rock!

Lauren Hopkins, MD – Grace personnel

Everyone you deal with from the agency is super friendly so relationships are great.

Chris Evans, CEO – ECS Resource Group

Working with Hoxo has been a pleasure. The team, led by Sean, are all extremely professional and have an in-depth knowledge of our industry. Anyone looking to improve their online presence, sales pipeline or general marketing collateral I would highly recommend having a chat with them.

Simon Leich, CEO – CS Partners

An all round fantastic experience working with Hoxo. Could not recommend them more highly.

Ben McDonald, Director – Connexus Global

Great service, appreciate the industry expertise, professionalism and desire to get to know our business, looking forward to building the relationship further!

Seb Wright, MS of SBW Associates Ltd

“268% increase in profile views this week which is my best ever since the start of the Academy.”

Simon Curtis, MD of Pace Med Tech

“The Academy is an awesome concept that is defining the power of open collaboration. Results so far for me are that my profile views are up 180%, I have 824 new connections and won a $100k project in the US off the back of the activity we have been doing.”

Claudio Rojas, MD of Alex Young Recruitment Ltd

“My latest “Championing” post has brought out connections who never seem to comment on LinkedIn and clients who I’ve tried to call over time and never pick up the phone! I also noticed a connection who is available and looking for work who I am now putting forward to a role we have on!”

Anton Roe, Director of Marshall McAdam

“Just signed off with a client on a retained recruitment marketing campaign applying the Hoxo principles. Thanks for inspiration and confidence to try something different.”

Elliot Manning, MD of Kayman Recruitment

Just wanted to share a great win for us here at Kayman. We have managed to pick up a client I have personally been chasing for 2 years in the US (not known to use R2R) - they contacted me directly for our help with their hiring after seeing the engagement from recent podcasts!”

Kerri-Ann Hargreaves, Co-Founder & Director of H2 Consultancy

“Despite not feeling so positive on Monday after falling behind with tasks here, I am ending the week with +261% views on LinkedIn. Mastered editing snippets. Confirmed 2 great IVs booked next week and another post featured on LinkedIn which has boosted engagement and connections.”

Lysha Holmes, Founder QUI Recruitment

Not 1. Not 2. But 3 new client enquiries in 24 hours. Exicitng times for QUI Recruitment

Mark Barnicoat, CEO of Oasis HR Group

Just a quick note to say thank you Sean Anderson, this stuff really works! After procrastinating for ages and finally getting my post out last week, I had engagement from so many contacts and old clients. You just don’t appreciate who your content reaches and how it raises your profile.”

Ruella Crouch, Director of Ruella James

“This course is amazing. I would highly recommend it. The weeks just flew by. Our engagement and profile has significantly improved as a consequence. Sean and the team at Hoxo Media have been excellent!”

Angela Horkings, Founder of Tandem Partners

“The program is well structured, on point and delivered by Sean with the right balance of enthusiasm, humour and valuable insights. It is good to have my thinking and perspective challenged by an expert who knows how social media works and comes from a customer viewpoint. An added bonus is extending the recruitment network.”

Simon Hair, MD of Precision Sourcing

“We have changed the culture of the business to make Hoxo an integral part of our daily processes”

Anita Pages-Oliver, CEO & Co-Founder of Sense Recruitment

“Great content and you come away with a different lens on LinkedIn, as well as finding your voice. Great to connect with a community of like minded business leaders who support you, and share the ups and downs of the year that is in our industry. More ups though after doing the course work.”

John Clifton, Director & Co-Founder of neuco

“The course helped me renew and refine our focus on marketing and start some new initiatives that may never have come to fruition. During the last 6 months, having a weekly call with everyone was also a nice break from the norm, a bit of not-the-day-job time that will in turn absolutely help the day job.”

Joe Woodham, Founder at Torii Recruitment

“I have just started week 4 of Hoxo Academy and have already been incredibly impressed with Sean and the program. It’s full of great tips, advice and actionable steps to easily implement and in a short time are producing results. Highly recommended.”

Olivia Spruce, CEO of Positive Healthcare

Can’t recommend this course enough. I loved it. Learnt loads and the group vibe was excellent - felt like a weekly therapy session! LOVED IT.”

Marie Piercy, Founder & Managing Director at Chrysalis People Solutions Ltd

The 8 week course was invaluable when it comes to building a personal brand online. Sean is highly engaging and the sessions were interactive and informative. The team have now come away with a process for their LI activity which makes it manageable for them on a daily basis.

Ryan Kelly, Director at Creative Natives

Ryan Kelly, Director at Creative Natives

1.3m views on LinkedIn in 6 weeks of following a new plan

Chris Pestell Director at KM4Talent

Chris Pestell, Director at KM4Talent

Team now getting INBOUND jobs like never before!

Chris Peace

Chris Peace, Managing Director of Peace Recruitment

£20,000 worth of placements came from team amplifying our message to a wider audience

Stine Martinussen, CEO of Helm Specialist Recruitment

I had the head of a large potential client reach out to me on LinkedIn. His comment was: "Stine, I like the profile that you and Helm are making on LinkedIn. Maybe when you are free let’s have a coffee now things are freed up a little?"

Stuart Middleton, Managing Director of Intervl

I always knew that personal branding was important. So for me, it was about finding and partnering with a business that could really, understand who I was as a person, understand where we wanted to be as a business, and that's what you guys did which has been great!

James Ross, Senior Business Intelligence Consultant at Precision Sourcing

Client reached out directly after following me on LinkedIn and seeing all my content. Wanted to set up a meeting and there are 1-2 roles following. We are currently agreeing on TOBs but the client has already given us exclusivity for all roles.

Melissa Slaymaker, Specialist Consultant at The Talent Experts

I got a DM from an old client after seeing one of my posts, whom I only had contact with about 2 years ago, that gave me an incredible opportunity to work on a Managing Executive role, which I negotiated exclusivity on. Currently going through the interview stages. New client on for us, new business, new job offer, exclusivity and it's for a massive fee of R600000 (30 000 POUNDS)


Jordan Upton, Recruitment Consultant at Intervl

Made my first 3 placements (£49000) just before my 3 month anniversary with the company all from LinkedIn activity.

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You’ve seen how we’re changing the game for recruiters everywhere. Now, it’s your turn.

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Work withHoxo Agency

You’ve seen how we’re changing the game for recruiters everywhere. Now, it’s your turn.

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You’ve seen how we’re changing the game for recruiters everywhere. Now, it’s your turn.

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