Defining your target audience on LinkedIn

defining your target audience

LinkedIn’s changed a lot over the last few years, but it’s still the number one way to network with thought leaders in 2023. You’ve got a platform to reach thousands of potential clients and candidates every day, and it lets you stay in regular contact with people you’ve worked with in the past without having […]

How recruiters can create valuable content on LinkedIn

creating valuable content

Alongside filling roles, recruiters add huge amounts of value to their candidates and clients on a daily basis. Many go above and beyond to serve their market in ways they didn’t even know they needed. An elite few might as well be considered functional experts in their field, given how entrenched they are, and how […]

How recruiters can position themselves as experts on LinkedIn

How to be an expert on LinkedIn

Everyone’s trying to be one. In everything, it seems. Content. Recruitment. Remote working. Being the best version of yourself. We’re advocates of taking what your market tells you and putting it back out to your network online in the form of content. And if you’re talking to experts all day every day, ask for their […]