The Personal Brand
Academy for recruiters

Spend less time chasing down leads, cold calling and feeling stuck on LinkedIn by building your personal brand and becoming an inbound recruiter.

The Academy shows you how to switch from being an old-school outbound recruiter – with no brand awareness on LinkedIn – to an Inbound Recruiter.

Rapidly grow your LinkedIn network and profile views, resulting in 25,000 content views and daily inbound leads from the platform in 6 weeks.

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Optimise your profile and grow your LinkedIn network

Get the attention of your market at scale

Create daily
inbound leads

What is the Personal Brand Academy for recruiters?

The Personal Brand Academy is a live training programme and online community specifically designed to give agency recruiters the education, resources and support needed to build successful personal brands on LinkedIn that drive real inbound results.

Led by our Co-Founder & CEO Sean Anderson, over 6 weeks, we teach you our proven 3X System, which includes 

  • Enhancing your LinkedIn profile and network
  • Nurturing your network with authentic, top-performing content
  • Following up and converting daily inbound activity

After completing the programme, enjoy ongoing support from your dedicated success coach, weekly live content clinics, quarterly refresher events, 100+ LinkedIn post ideas and prompts, 20+ hours of recorded training, and a supportive community of recruiters.

Who is it for?

What do you and/or your team get?

access to

  • 20+ hours of recorded content on our Hoxo Academy platform hosted on Circle
  • Monday – Friday community support via Circle
  • Our 2x weekly content clinics
  • Our quarterly live LinkedIn refresher events
  • Dedicated account manager with one-on-one onboarding and support
  • Structured meetings with your account manager
  • Monday to Friday messenger support from your account manager via Circle

For the first 12 months

How does the
pricing work?

You choose the number of users who get individual access to our 6-week live Personal Brand Bootcamp with Sean, a unique login to Circle, and personal access to all the above features.

You can add new users at any time in the future, so it makes sense to start small with the most engaged people!


£600 + VAT per-user access to the platform and live training (min 1 x user per company, additional users can be added at any time)
£5000 + VAT - Lifetime access to the Hoxo Academy platform (one-time fee)
Additional 3rd Party Software cost

We also recommend that all users joining the Bootcamp have access to Shield Performance Analytics, priced at $20 USD per user / per month (Paid directly to Shield via your Hoxo 20% discount
affiliate link)

How to get started

If you haven’t already booked a call with our team, please follow this link.

Success stories

£1m in revenue that has come 100% inbound as a result of my LinkedIn Brand.

Kyle Winterbottom

Founder & CEO | Orbition

I’m a one-man band up against agencies that probably have eight people each working this market. Having 80 new candidates, skilled candidates, CVs, conversations, and new relationships in three weeks. That’s priceless to me.

Daniel Munn

Founder & CEO | | Globalcity

We no longer have to convince any candidates or clients to choose to work with us.

Ryan Kelly

Director | Creative Natives

£120 000 offers of which £95k- £100k of those went through. For us as a small business that's been doing it for 12 months, that’s some return on investment.

Andy Taylor

Director | Exchange Street Executive Search

It's hard to pay for that kind of marketing out there - and in a market that is very relevant. You're reaching the exact type of people you need.

Clayton Simons

COO | Norwood

When you start to transcend your message on a platform, you elevate it to 15, 20, 30,000 people consistently. The hard yards become easier. We’re getting a lot more inbound. It's amazing.

Gary Thompson

Managing Partner | Staffhost Europe