How Stanton House completely changed the way they focus on BD through the Personal Brand Academy 

Stanton House is a 12-year-old venture with 80 people across offices in both the UK and the US. They joined the hoxo Personal Brand Academy in early 2022 and have seen massive results come off the back of their learnings.

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Warmer leads
Cold calling is far less of an issue than it previously was, as people now recognise the Stanton House team and understand what they do
Business Development overhaul
Stanton House has completely changed the way they approach BD and are now using LinkedIn in new and exciting ways
Discipline and routine
The Personal Brand Academy has instilled discipline and routine in the team when it comes to approaching BD on LinkedIn
Immediate impact
The Stanton House team saw an immediate impact after joining the Academy, and the results started coming in quickly

The Challenge

When Nick Eaves initially decided to sign his team up for the hoxo Personal Brand Academy, they were mostly using LinkedIn for candidate generation. They’d never thought of using the platform for broader Business Development goals. Cold calling was a daily occurrence for the team, and it wasn’t yielding the results they’d ultimately wanted. 


Nick had his entire team join the Academy and learn how to use LinkedIn for more than simply posting job ads and candidate generation. Initially, only a third of his team was eager to be part of the course, but after a while, the rest of his team saw the benefit of the EVC method and the 20/10/5 structure. 


While Nick is certain that they have received a huge amount of revenue thanks to the training, he’s much more interested in the brand-building it’s done for the business. Their LinkedIn activity is now a much-needed conversation starter. It warms up leads and increases brand recognition, setting the stage for the sales team to close more deals!

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Success stories

£1m in revenue that has come 100% inbound as a result of my LinkedIn Brand.

Kyle Winterbottom

Founder & CEO | Orbition

I’m a one-man band up against agencies that probably have eight people each working this market. Having 80 new candidates, skilled candidates, CVs, conversations, and new relationships in three weeks. That’s priceless to me.

Daniel Munn

Founder & CEO | | Globalcity

We no longer have to convince any candidates or clients to choose to work with us.

Ryan Kelly

Director | Creative Natives

£120 000 offers of which £95k- £100k of those went through. For us as a small business that's been doing it for 12 months, that’s some return on investment.

Andy Taylor

Director | Exchange Street Executive Search

It's hard to pay for that kind of marketing out there - and in a market that is very relevant. You're reaching the exact type of people you need.

Clayton Simons

COO | Norwood

When you start to transcend your message on a platform, you elevate it to 15, 20, 30,000 people consistently. The hard yards become easier. We’re getting a lot more inbound. It's amazing.

Gary Thompson

Managing Partner | Staffhost Europe

Learn to build a brand that wins business on LinkedIn Learn to build a brand that wins business on LinkedIn Learn to build a brand that wins business on LinkedIn Learn to build a brand that wins business on LinkedIn Learn to build a brand that wins business on LinkedIn