Seb Wright, MS of SBW Associates Ltd

“268% increase in profile views this week which is my best ever since the start of the Academy.”

Mark Thomas, Director of Eames Consulting Group

My first successful post got 1300 likes and 100k views! Now my record is 11,000 likes and 1 MILLION views!

Simon Curtis, MD of Pace Med Tech

“The Academy is an awesome concept that is defining the power of open collaboration. Results so far for me are that my profile views are up 180%, I have 824 new connections and won a $100k project in the US off the back of the activity we have been doing.”

Claudio Rojas, MD of Alex Young Recruitment Ltd

“My latest “Championing” post has brought out connections who never seem to comment on LinkedIn and clients who I’ve tried to call over time and never pick up the phone! I also noticed a connection who is available and looking for work who I am now putting forward to a role we have on!”

Anton Roe, Director of Marshall McAdam

“Just signed off with a client on a retained recruitment marketing campaign applying the Hoxo principles. Thanks for inspiration and confidence to try something different.”

Elliot Manning, MD of Kayman Recruitment

Just wanted to share a great win for us here at Kayman. We have managed to pick up a client I have personally been chasing for 2 years in the US (not known to use R2R) - they contacted me directly for our help with their hiring after seeing the engagement from recent podcasts!”

Kerri-Ann Hargreaves, Co-Founder & Director of H2 Consultancy

“Despite not feeling so positive on Monday after falling behind with tasks here, I am ending the week with +261% views on LinkedIn. Mastered editing snippets. Confirmed 2 great IVs booked next week and another post featured on LinkedIn which has boosted engagement and connections.”

Lysha Holmes, Founder QUI Recruitment

Not 1. Not 2. But 3 new client enquiries in 24 hours. Exicitng times for QUI Recruitment

Mark Barnicoat, CEO of Oasis HR Group

Just a quick note to say thank you Sean Anderson, this stuff really works! After procrastinating for ages and finally getting my post out last week, I had engagement from so many contacts and old clients. You just don’t appreciate who your content reaches and how it raises your profile.”

Ruella Crouch, Director of Ruella James

“This course is amazing. I would highly recommend it. The weeks just flew by. Our engagement and profile has significantly improved as a consequence. Sean and the team at Hoxo Media have been excellent!”