Season 4 | Ep 6 – £30,000 raised in our quest for 500 Laptops for 500 School Children in Need – ASAP!

In today’s live episode of The RAG Podcast, I am again joined by my P500 partners Chris Redmond and Tim Roedel, alongside Diarmaid Casey the Deputy Headteacher of the school I used to work as a teacher 10 years ago!

Diarmaid openly discussed the reality of life for parents, teachers and school children in his area in the south east of Sheffield.

He also confirmed that in his school alone – 333 students currently had no access to a laptop! That is one school, in one city across our nation…

It is devastating to hear these statistics.

We have to do something to help and we have to act now…

Project 500 is a scheme that is designed to help provide some of the UK’s most disadvantaged families with the laptops they desperately need.

We are proud to announce that in week 1 we have raised over £32,000 which is exactly 200 laptops for 200 children – 40% of our £80,000 target!

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us in week 1 – but we can’t stop now!

Please help by donating what you can – to do so please visit