Season 4 | Ep 3 – James Brown on growing FASTEST GROWING Recruitment Agency in the world right now!

Today I was delighted to be joined on Hoxo LinkedIn Live, by James Brown– Founder of Levin Group and Storm2 to who are without doubt the most aggressively growing start up recruitment brand on the planet.

James joined Phaidon international as a Graduate when the business was only 15 staff and left in 2018 on the board of directors at 500 staff. He and his team know a thing or two about growth!

In today’s episode we discussed

🎙 How in 18 months he has grown the business to over 60 recruiters

🎙 How they successfully onboarded 30 grads in Aug 2020 and trained them to be profitable remotely

🎙 How and why they plan to hire 130 grads in the next 90 days

🎙 Why they are opening in Singapore, Amsterdam and NYC

🎙 Why Adam Buck has come out of retirement to become their chairman

🎙 How they raised over £4m institutional investment to grow the fastest growing brand in the world

Hilarious at times, James was a pleasure to interview and a truly fascinating guest! One for any recruitment owner with ambition of scale to be watching out for!