Season 4 | Ep 18 – James Fernandes and Simon Gardiner on their 10 year journey from a garage with no heating to over 60 staff and multiple industry awards!

Today I was delighted to be joined on The RAG Podcast Live with James Fernandes and Simon Gardiner, the Co-Founders of Carrington West, an award winning agency specialising in technical recruitment for the built environment in the UK.

Launched in Jan 2011, these guys have been on an epic journey!

In this episode,  we discussed

🎙How and why they left to start the business

🎙Their start up story working from a brothers garage with no heating (and fingerless gloves)

🎙The move to bring on more partners to lead the business in the early days

🎙Their secret to getting the best out of their people

🎙The business today and his vision for future growth!

A pleasure to interview such energetic and inspiring founders, they are more than willing to support the next generation of recruitment owners!

If you would like to chat to James or Simon directly please contact them via LinkedIn!