Season 4 | Ep 14 – Tim Cook on what he has learnt about growing, selling and buying recruitment agencies after 34 years in the industry!

Today I was joined live on LinkedIn by Tim Cook – Group CEO nGAGE, a portfolio of 16 specialist recruitment businesses with over 750 staff.

A fascinating chat that felt like an educational lesson for myself throughout, in today’s episode we discussed

🎙 Tim’s 24 years of working at Hays 

🎙 His journey to joining James Caan and subsequent MBO

🎙 How he was ready to sell his business for £200m and then covid hit

🎙 What he looks for when buying and selling recruitment agencies

🎙 His vision for nGAGE post Covid!

Tim is a seasoned professional who’s wisdom and knowledge would benefit any growing agency leader! Contact him directly if you would like to ask any more questions relating to our conversation!