Who’s it for

Our Personal Brand Management service is for recruitment managers or leaders, or high-performing recruiters who want to build a personal brand but:

· Don’t know where to start· Lack time and creativity· Lack confidence

What it helps you achieve

We create and post targeted content on your profile to ensure that you:

Create a personal brand that elevates you above your competitors

Attract ideal candidates and clients to you (instead of having to source and chase them yourself)

Build relationships with prospective as well as existing networks of contacts

Become a thought contributor in your niche area

Increase response rates by up to 40% from direct messages

Improve your views on LinkedIn by 300 to 1000% + within the first month

Examples of clients' posts

How it works

Our Personal Brand Management service gives you everything you need to achieve results on LinkedIn:


We get to know you and start putting a strategy together for your profile


We conduct quality workshops and create 3 posts per week for your profile


You get a Linkedin engagement strategy, monthly reporting and continuous improvements

How to get started

Ready to build a personal brand? Schedule a 30-minute call with our team and let’s see if Hoxo Media is the right fit for you.

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