Who’s it for

The Bootcamp is for recruitment agencies who:

  • Have a team that is spending a lot of time on LinkedIn, but don’t get the results you want

  • Rely on outbound calls to attract candidates and clients

  • Are losing ideal prospects to competitors

We can show you a more effective way for your team to use their time that is guaranteed to increase jobs and placements, and ultimately ROI.

What it helps you achieve

Grow your brand and attract your ideal clients and candidates through your team’s personal profiles. We help your team:

Develop a clear plan for LinkedIn growth

Attract ideal clients and candidates (instead of you having to source and chase them)

Improve views on LinkedIn by 300 to 1,000% within 8 weeks of joining the Bootcamp

Create personal brands that elevate your agency above your competitors

Increase response rates from direct messages

What our current clients are saying

How it works

Phase 1 – Educate

  • 8 week Personal Brand Bootcamp
  • Content plan and engagement strategy
  • Personal Branding Certification

Phase 2 – Adopt

  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Weekly tips, content ideas, competitions and incentives
  • Full support and designated account manager

Phase 3 – Replicate

  • 5 module Champion Programme
  • Embed team tracking habits
  • Keep team consistent and accountable

Phase 1 – Educate

Your team first learns how to build a personal brand on LinkedIn that supports your business and opens up more candidate and client opportunities.

We run monthly cohorts for our 8-week Personal Brand Bootcamp, so during your 12-month access to our Academy, you can enroll your team members into a cohort that suits them.

During the Bootcamp, we teach:

  •  How to define your target audience

  • How to optimise your profile for success

  • Writing for LinkedIn (and how this is different from email, etc.)

  • How to create content that resonates with and gets a response from your audience

  • How to create an effective content plan

  • A daily engagement strategy that saves you time

Once the programme is completed, each member will receive a Personal Brand Bootcamp certification from our Academy and get access to our exclusive community for recruiters.

Phase 2 – Adopt

Knowing what to do is only the beginning. Your team will need to keep implementing what they’ve learnt and improve on those actions.

Here’s how we’ll keep your team engaged and inspired:

  • Weekly Q&As to answer any questions and provide advice

  • Weekly tips, advice and content ideas in our exclusive community for recruiters

  • Competitions and incentives for achieving success

  • Ongoing reporting to show you how engaged your team members are

  • Ongoing support from our Academy team, including an account manager

Phase 3 – Replicate

To ensure long-term success, we have a Champion programme where we develop leaders within your team to hold everyone accountable. They will become the “mini” coaches that drive the team onwards and upwards!

A member (or a few members) of your team will:

  • Learn how to create, organise and roll out a team that they’ll be responsible for

  • Improve team performance with an adoption plan of action

  • Learn how to embed tracking habits into your team

  • Learn how to keep their team consistent and accountable to maximise what they learn on the Personal Brand Bootcamp

How to get started

Interested in increasing your ROI by growing your team’s brand presence on LinkedIn? Join +3000 recruiters and maximise profits, jobs, placements - and your own happiness.