Who’s it for

The Personal Brand Academy is for recruiters who:

  • Spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, but don’t get the results you want

  • Rely on outbound calls to attract candidates and clients

  • Lose ideal prospects to competitors

We can show you a more effective way to use your time that is guaranteed to increase jobs and placements, and ultimately increase your commission.

What it helps you achieve

Grow your brand and attract your ideal clients and candidates through your personal profiles. We help you:

Develop a clear plan for LinkedIn growth

Attract ideal clients and candidates (instead of you having to source and chase them)

Increase views andengagement 200% within 6 weeks of joining the Bootcamp

Create personal brands that elevate your agency above your competitors

Increase response rates from direct messages

What our members are saying

How it works

You learn how to build a personal brand on LinkedIn that opens up more candidate and client opportunities.


We run cohorts every 8 weeks for our 6-week Personal Brand Bootcamp, so during your lifetime access to our Academy, you can enroll into a cohort that suits you.


Hear’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to grow your LinkedIn audience

  • How to engage with relevant candidates and clients

  • How to build an expert LinkedIn profile

  • How to create content that resonates with and gets a response from your audience

  • How to write for LinkedIn and make the algorithm work for you

  • How to have a daily engagement strategy that saves you time and effort

  • How to create your weekly plan to ensure consistency


You will get access to our exclusive community for recruiters and, once the programme is completed, you will receive a Personal Brand Academy certification.

Meet your coach

Sean Anderson

Sean is the CEO & Founder of Hoxo Media, a global marketing agency for recruitment. He is an ex-top billing recruiter and ex-school teacher who built the Hoxo brand through content on LinkedIn. 


Sean launched the Academy at the height of the pandemic and has coached thousands of recruiters in every continent in the world on how to use LinkedIn content to attract clients and candidates. He currently has 27 000+ followers and 20 000+ podcast listeners and gets 1 million+ views per month on LinkedIn.

Get Started

If you're interested in becoming a top biller and increasing your commission through growing your brand presence on LinkedIn, join +4000 recruiters and maximise profits, jobs, placements - and your own happiness!