Season 6 | Ep28 – Antony Pitt on going from a debilitating alcohol addiction to running a multi-million dollar business in the US

13 April 2023|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s show, I’m joined by Antony Pitt. 

Antony is the president of Hanover USA and has been in the recruitment industry since 1996. 

I love this episode because Antony was so candid about his experience. 

He’s running a business in the US with more than 30 staff. Hanover is a global business specialising in financial services recruitment, with 70 staff headquartered in London.

What’s really interesting about this episode is Antony talks about his challenge with alcohol addiction. 

He built his recruitment career in London, had a real issue with alcohol to the point where it was affecting everything in his life, and he decided to move to the US to change. When he got there, he was still suffering from his addiction, so he went into rehab. 

In this episode, Antony breaks down the story of how alcohol addiction can affect anyone, but also how with the right help and support, you can come out the other side and do wonderful things.

He’s now 

👉 Running a multiple-million-dollar business

👉 The owner of two homes in the US

👉 More excited about his career 

👉 More energised than he ever was before

Anyone who is interested in the challenges we have outside of work and how we can get through tough times and still build a great business is going to be inspired by this show.

I hope you enjoy every word of it.