Season 6 | Ep 25 – Gary Redman on growing a business that now turns over up to 6 million pounds per year in net profit

29 March 2023|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s show, I was joined by Gary Redman. Gary is the CEO of the Now Business Group, a collection of recruitment organisations in construction, finance, accountancy, services, and most importantly in the education sector.

The business is headquartered in the UK with a really strong sales and EBITDA profile. We’re talking between five and a half to six million pounds per year in net profit.

Gary started the business 27 years ago. He started in recruitment at 19, quite quickly launched his own company and has been through everything you can imagine since then.

In this episode, we break down and chronologically crawl through those 27 years and talk about:

🎙️The highs and lows throughout his career

🎙️His health issues

🎙️His personal life

🎙️The catalyst that caused a lot of issues and challenges in the business

We agreed at the end of this episode that this will only be part one because Gary’s story is one that we’ll need more time to tell. But, even in this first part, you’ll get so much value and inspiration.

I left the conversation feeling so inspired that someone who’s in the later stages of their career is still so motivated by just doing a great job, building teams, and building businesses regardless of the money and the financial return.

It makes me think that I’ve got so much ahead of me.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did recording it.