Season 6 | Ep 18 – Luke McCormack on building a super modern, lean and highly profitable agency that ONLY sells retainers 

31 January 2023|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s show, I am excited to be joined by Luke McCormack, the founder and CEO of McCormack Partners.

Luke owns a specialist recruitment business in Glasgow that focuses on the commercial roofing and cladding sectors all over the UK.

Luke reached out to me a long time ago to talk about personal branding, and I’ve witnessed his journey ever since. I’ve been unbelievably impressed by what he’s achieved.

Luke’s got a team of seven billing just under a million pounds this year, and his process is absolutely crystal clear and mapped out:

  • He’s the face of the business
  • He’s built a brand that has him in industry magazines
  • He’s running podcasts and videos
  • He gets lots of engagement online
  • He has someone booking all of his meetings
  • He sells 100% retained or exclusive assignments, paid upfront
  • The whole recruitment process and delivery are taken care of by Luke’s team

Being the face of the business, Luke requires the right people around him to deliver the retained assignment successfully within 30 days.

It’s a very different recruitment model to a lot of the businesses I’ve interviewed over the last few years, but one that I believe is becoming more common and hugely successful.

Luke talks about where he got his inspiration from and his energy and drive to become successful despite his humble beginnings. He also breaks down how he does what he does in a visual document and talks about the future and his plans to dominate in the US in the future as well.

Anyone listening to this will gain lots of value, especially smaller recruitment companies and potential startups who are thinking about disrupting and doing things differently by having a model that’s modern and digital.

You need to listen to this episode because Luke is doing something extra! 

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