Season 6 | Ep16 – Greg Savage on the metrics you should be measuring to ensure your rec business is scaling profitably

11 January 2023|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

I am excited, delighted, and honored to be joined by Greg Savage in the latest episode of the RAG Podcast. 

Now, almost everyone in our sector globally knows who this guy is. 

During his time in recruitment, Greg:

  • Has built an incredible brand
  • Has been an advisor to 16 recruitment organisations in the APAC region
  • Has owned and scaled three organisations
  • Has authored a book 
  • Has built his own training academy across the global recruitment community 

I interviewed Greg at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. He was the second person I brought onto The RAG Report, which was my daily show in 2020 in which I provided some advice to our community in a time of need.

On today’s episode, we talked about the work Greg did during the pandemic, the advice he gave, the advice he would give now, and the reality of the current economic situation. 

We also talked about Greg’s book and his experience, and he gave some golden nuggets of information.

He specifically outlined the metrics you should be measuring to ensure your business is scaling profitably. 

He said the number one reason he gets involved with businesses is because they tend to grow gross profit but not their profit. So essentially, they scale without profit. 

Greg gives some unbelievable advice as to how you can manage this issue and the reasons why it might be worth getting an advisor to help you if you’re seeing certain symptoms. 

I’d advise you to listen to everything he’s got to say. The guy is full of wisdom and experience. Take it on board, take some notes, and I hope you get as much value from this episode as I did recording it.