Season 6 | Ep12 – Kayleigh Bottomley on only hiring inexperienced people and still making a profit

6 January 2023|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode of The RAG Podcast, I am joined by Kayleigh Bottomley, the Founder and SVP of Storm4.

Storm4 is another branch of Levin, the fastest-growing group of recruitment companies in the world.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a repeat of a 2021 episode with James Brown, the founder of Leven group.

This was one of my highest played episodes since the start of the RAG Podcast, probably because Levin is one of the most talked about organisations in our sector.

They are taking the recruitment industry by storm and doing things differently.

In February 2021, Kayleigh started Storm4, since then they have continued the insane growth of the group as they’ve gone from 0 to 125 staff across multiple locations.

Every single recruiter Storm4 hires is a graduate with no experience and in just over 12 months they were able to become profitable too!

In this episode she’s sharing how she’s done it!

I really went deep into the processes, procedures, and people that are required for a team to grow this fast.

If you are inspired by insane growth and fast-moving recruitment organisations, then then this one’s for you.