S6 | Ep13 – Simon Hair on building one of the most socially engaged recruitment firms on the planet

6 January 2023|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On today’s episode, I am joined by Simon Hair.

Simon is the Managing Director of Precision Sourcing Group, a business headquartered in Sydney, Australia with 31 expert recruiters in project services, SAP, data, and software development. 

Now, I’ve wanted to have Simon on for a long time.

I’ve worked with him for over two years and for some reason it just never happened. 

But the timing is perfect, because last week he got voted Australian Recruitment Leader of the Year at the TIARA Awards.

Nominated by his team, celebrated by his peers. 

You can see why in this interview.

Simon is one of the most organised and motivated people I have been lucky enough to work with.

He enrolled in my Personal Brand Academy during the pandemic, took everything I taught him, and drilled it into his team. 

Since then, his team has gone and worked with me as a collective for over 12 months.

They now are one of the most well-known brands in Australia in their market.

Over 23% of their net fee income last year, which is well over $2 million, was generated directly from their activity on LinkedIn. 

And that doesn’t even include the work they’ve done with candidates. That’s just clients they can track who have come in as inbound leads, or they’ve managed to source via the interaction through LinkedIn.

So I’d say he’s building one of the most socially engaged recruitment firms on the planet.

And the way he explains it makes it sound so simple and so achievable. 

He’s doing so whilst also driving the four-day week, so the team at Precision Sourcing now don’t work on Fridays,

He appreciates everything there is to offer and he has an open mindset. That’s evident in the episode and also in the business he runs today. 

Anyone who wants to grow in a modern, innovative way and who has an open mindset is going to love this episode.