Season 6 | Ep 8 – Richard Wright on enjoying his recruitment career more than he ever has before in his mid-fifties

16 November 2022|In Podcasts|By Gurnie

On this week’s episode of The RAG Podcast I was joined by Richard Wright, CEO of Acre.

Acre is a specialist recruitment consultancy focusing on everything to do with sustainability, which includes climate change, social issues, and more.

Richard has a long history in the recruitment sector. 

He originally worked for one of the biggest organisations in the world and later bought into a boutique agency as a partner. 

Richard was at the helm of that business for a long time and eventually sold the business to Randstad. 

He then stayed in the company for a further three years post-acquisition, before exiting and having some time out of the industry.

After a period of time believing he would leave the industry forever, he was persuaded to come back and joined Acre back when it was a 10-person business.

It now has well over a hundred staff and 4 international locations.

During the episode, Richard was very open about his career and said that right now, he’s enjoying it more than he ever has before. 

Who’d have thought that you could continue to love this game more and more over time?

You’re going to love this episode.

Richard is super knowledgeable, super inspiring, and a really nice guy.