Season 6 | Ep 7 – Laurie Boyall on how he has never ever found himself bored during his 35 years as Founder & Group CEO of McGregor Boyall

20 October 2022|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode, I was joined by Laurie Boyall, the Founder & Group CEO of McGregor Boyall, one of the most renowned recruitment agencies headquartered in London.

Laurie started the agency in 1987, having never worked a day in recruitment in his life! 

He was a self trained computer programmer and having found a job via a recruitment agency in 86, he saw the invoice attached to his placement. This was all it took for him to change career path!

In this episode, we covered Laurie’s 35 years as founder, which involved:

  • The early days of his career selling European travel tours to USA students
  • How his Angel-backed 1st business failed and he returned home after 3 years 
  • How he then started his agency, having seen the invoice for his own services in IT
  • The reality of launching his business and needing to use a phone box for the first 3 weeks as BT phone lines were down
  • Laurie’s story of growth over the years and how he has constantly loved his role
  • The economic impact on his business right now and how he sees a huge recession hitting harder than most people think
  • His new role as CEO and how he spends his time

Laurie is a real character, full of humour, honesty and wisdom.

Anyone wanting to contact Laurie can reach him via LinkedIn