S6 Ep 6 | Sean Anderson on 3 simple things every recruiter should implement now before LI changes

20 October 2022|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode of the RAG, I’m excited to be featuring one of my own talks.

Last week I presented at the Birmingham Recruitment Agency Expo in a room filled with well over 200 recruitment professionals.

I discussed my thoughts and opinions on how LinkedIn is going to change over the next few years and what every recruiter should be doing now to make the most of their own opportunity before it does.

I’ve rerecorded this session live in front of about 35 recruitment professionals as part of one of our Academy Taster Sessions, so this is a zoom recording, which is much clearer than the original stage recording, but it is the exact same presentation.

I really hope you enjoy this because ultimately I think there are a lot of recruiters out there that don’t quite know what they’re doing on LinkedIn.

They spend a fortune One of the biggest spends in recruitment businesses is on LinkedIn licenses. The average recruiter spends four hours a day and has a recruiter license, which over £5000 per year, per person. Multiply that by your team and it’s a huge investmen! However the problem is that training, support and understanding of what you can do on the platform every day to reach thousands of people and ultimately stand out from the competition in your market is nonexistent in most agencies.

So I’m giving you really simple, practical tips that you can use to take straight back to your agency.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you personally improve your performance and stand out on Linkedin, book a call with me and my team. Here we can then have a bespoke conversation with you in your recruitment business to see if our Academy program is right for you and whether we are the right fit: ttps://personalbrand.hoxomedia.com/register