Season 6 | Ep 3 – Lloyd Gordon on the details of his acquisition of Cognitive Group and how his business is now 107 staff!

23 September 2022|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

Lloyd is BACK! This is episode 3 with Lloyd, as he came onto the show twice in 2019. 

In part 1, he was leading a small agency of 15 staff and spoke mainly about his career as a £1.6m biller and how/why he launched his original agency known as Focus Cloud.

In late 2019, he talked about the growth of his agency to over 30 people and how his dream was to build Focus Cloud to 100 staff in the future, by expanding into numerous cloud-based recruitment markets.

I had an absolute blast recording the first two episodes; from hilarious moments to some really hard-hitting deep revelations, Lloyd held nothing back.

On this week’s episode, Lloyd is back, but things are different. In the past 12 months, he has worked tirelessly to acquire the number one UK-based Microsoft recruitment partner known as Cognitive Group.I have had the Founder & CEO of Cognitive Group Jon Keen on the RAG before and know the company well.

Lloyd shares the full story of how he acquired the business and became extremely close friends with Jon.

The newly created Focus Cloud Group now consists of over 107 staff, with Lloyd at the helm as Group CEO.

He has made his dream come true, but he is only just getting started!

This is another amazing episode with an incredible person, enjoy!