Season 6 | Ep 2 – Alex Odwell on building a truly automated system that generates shortlists in seconds and allows his lean team of senior recruiters to outperform the competition!

15 September 2022|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode, I was delighted to be joined by Alex Odwell, Founder of fintech specialist recruitment agency Referment and most recently of tech business – Radar.

Alex has been in the recruitment industry for 14 years. Previously a member of the founding team at Harrington Starr group, he left to launch his own agency in 2016.

Referment was born to attract more candidates via referrals. As this is something every agency relies on, Alex was obsessed with making this process faster and more automated. Alex wanted to build something totally different to what he had before. He specifically wanted a lean team with systemised processes that work behind the scenes to surface relevant candidates for every job that his recruiters are working on and track information automatically within the CRM.

Now, with 6 senior consultants each billing huge numbers, the investment in the technology has truly paid off. 

As a result he is now launching – Radar, a recruitment optimisation tool built by former recruiters for recruiters. 

Alex is a really honest and likable guy who clearly understands the reality of running a modern day recruitment business.

This episode is not to be missed if you want to be more efficient and productive whilst using the tools you already pay for!