Season 5 | Ep 40 – Ben Wallin & Dan Cox on invoicing £1.7m in their first year in business despite only forecasting £200k!

31 August 2022|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode we wrap up Season 5 of the show in spectacular style!

I was honoured to be joined by Ben and Dan, Co-Founders of Edison Search a specialist IoT recruitment firm headquartered in Basingstoke UK with 20 staff within 14 months since inception.

Ben and Dan worked together for a long time in their previous company, Ben was head of perm and Dan was head of contract recruitment. Their skills were always complimentary to each other and they always talked about starting their own firm.

During the pandemic they had a group video call with their wives involved and made the decision to take the plunge – Edison Search was born!

In June 2021 they launched their business with a few simple goals for year 1 

  1. Be 100% niche in the IoT space and recruit exclusively into the US from Basingstoke 
  2. Invoice a minimum of £200k 
  3. Begin to hire people by the end of the year

They got to work in a small office and hit the phones hard, what happened next is nothing less than incredible.

They are now 20 staff and looking to open an office in the US in the next year.

A breath of fresh air to speak to, these owners are taking traditional methods but with a modern approach and it’s working!

A huge inspiration for any start up founders and one to watch for more established businesses, you will not regret tuning into this one!