Season 5 | Ep 35 – Lawrence Rose & Elliot Payne on going into business as life long best mates and achieving £1m GP in their first full year during a pandemic!

2 August 2022|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode of The RAG Podcast, I was joined by Lawrence & Elliot, the founders of Arto Recruitment, a specialist life science recruitment agency. The business is headquartered in Canterbury, Kent and expanded to more than 23 staff in just over 2 years of existence during the pandemic!

Lawrence and Elliot have been best mates since they were 3 years old! Their story is one of real trust, ambition and friendship.

People say to never go into business with friends, but these guys are proving it can work.

I met Lawrence at a property development course in 2017 and we have been friends ever since – I am so happy to bring him and Elliot onto the show!

In this episode they discuss how they: 

  • Grew up together and never spent any time apart 
  • Started in recruitment and both flew up the ranks at Phaidon International
  • Decided to move back to Kent and commute 2 hours each way to London daily
  • Kicked off Arto a month before Covid-19 happened and what life was like for them
  • Had to work in UK perm when their whole experience was in EU contract recruitment
  • Hit £1m GP and bought sports cars to celebrate
  • Plan to grow in the UK and the USA to begin with!

Don’t miss this conversation with two friends of mine who I am convinced are building a real powerhouse recruitment agency for the future. Enjoy!!