Season 5 | Ep 34 – Matthew Baird on the reality of both the highs and lows of his first 16 months as a solo recruitment owner 

8 July 2022|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode, I was joined by Matthew Baird, the Founder of Baird & Co Recruitment, which is part of District4. 

Matt has been in recruitment since 2012 and has worked for a number of agencies recruiting into the social housing sector.

During the pandemic, he became disillusioned with working for other people, and at a time of real uncertainty he made the bold and scary decision to start up alone…

However, he didn’t have the finances or the knowledge to manage all areas of the start-up process, so he decided to partner with our sponsor District4.

In this episode, we discussed the reality of his first 16 months as a business owner, which have included a number of highs and lows.

Most notably, I found out that:

  • His first deal happened within 3 weeks and was his largest EVER deal!
  • He took his foot off the gas during the summer as things were going well, which began to bite him in Q3 when sales dried up and he made no deals for 2 months!
  • He worked with his District4 coach to build a robust plan that works for him to drive successful outcomes daily

Matt is another great example of what it takes to thrive in today’s recruitment start-up community. If you would like to speak to Matt directly about his story or D4, then feel free to contact him directly via LinkedIn!