Season 5 | Ep 33 – Jamie Trevett & Tony Robbins on taking a huge risk during the pandemic to keep the business alive – and it worked!

30 June 2022|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode of The RAG Podcast, I was joined by Jamie & Tony, the founders of The Just Group, a specialist group of construction recruitment brands headquartered in Bromley, Kent with 24 staff which launched in 2012.

Jamie & Tony launched the business with a 3rd partner Alan, and up until the pandemic things were going great! However, Covid hit the business for six and they quickly dropped to 6 staff and had to re-evaluate everything. 

In this episode they discuss how they: 

  • Dealt with the pandemic and questioned their business direction
  • Parted ways with Alan, their business partner, due to a conflict
  • Took out a huge loan to keep the business alive and support their people
  • Went back into lockdown in Jan 2021, which brought huge fear and anxiety
  • Changed the business completely and have grown to their biggest ever since this time
  • Want to enjoy the journey and enjoy life whilst building the business sustainably 

They’re great guys with a genuine story of ups and downs, I’m sure we can all relate to their journey!