Season 5 | Ep 32 – Anthony Webster on his story of coming out as gay and the impact this has had on his recruitment career!

24 June 2022|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode, I was joined by Anthony Webster, the MD of DVF recruitment and Board Member of Career Legal Group – which has several recruitment entities in London with a collective staff of 50 people. 

Anthony was my colleague for almost 5 years and is also a true friend.

Anthony, alongside Amar and I, was originally going to be a founder of Hoxo – the recruitment agency – in 2017. However, in late 2016 he decided to pull out after lengthy discussions and realising he could not commit to this whilst he had other things to achieve.What I didn’t realise was that Ant was in fact ready to come out as gay to the world. This included his family, friends and colleagues.

In this episode, we discussed the reality of his journey both growing up and working in recruitment whilst hiding his true self.

5 years on from coming out and he is a much happier person! Super successful as always, he is living a life that is 100% authentic and it is clear to see.

June is Pride Month and both Ant and I wanted to share this story to raise awareness and help others!

If you would like to speak to Ant directly about his story or D&I in the workplace then feel free to contact him directly via LinkedIn!