Season 5 | Ep 30 – Nader Beshara on growing to 10 staff at his own pace during the pandemic!

9 June 2022|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On today’s episode I was joined by Nader Beshara, the CoFounder and Director of Ingham Jones a start up financial services, risk, technology and compliance global recruitment search firm with 10 people headquartered in Brighton UK.

Nader has been an avid listener of The RAG and I was delighted to hear that listening to the show has helped him a lot since launching in November 2020.

We discussed the reality of his journey since launching during the pandemic and here are a few highlights

  • Launching in covid was an amazing time to do it as he was literally missing out on NOTHING in life whilst working all hours he could
  • He and Jermaine his business partner hit their annual target inside 12 months
  • He has loved the entrepreneurial experience to date and would recommend it to any recruiter whos questioning their plan right now
  • He is growing but stressed that it will be at their own pace and they won’t try and follow the ‘growth crowd’ that we see in our sector

Super honest and genuine, Nader is a recent and relevant example of what is possible with the right attitude as a start up recruitment founder!