Season 5 | Ep 29 – Harry & Rex from Rec Hub on why focusing on your staff being HAPPY first leads to success and not the other way around!

9 June 2022|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode of The RAG Podcast I was joined by Harry Bigwood and Rex Rusling

Along with Ben Leeson, these guys founded The Rec Hub at the end of 2018 originally as a contingent agency

Soon they decided to flip the model to become an “Embedded Talent Partner” to Tech start & scale ups and have since grown to 50 people!

In this episode we break down their decision to change the model and how this has helped them grow (it hasn’t been easy, I can assure you)

We also talk about the philosophy of growing the business as they all believe that focusing on your staff being HAPPY first leads to success. Not the other way around!

Have you worked in an agency where people believe that once they hit targets they will be happy? I think we all have.. These guys are challenging that notion and I love it!

Young, ambitious and innovative founders, these guys are a true reflection of all I love about this industry!

If you would like to speak to Harry or Rex about their story then you can contact them directly on Linkedin!