Season 5 | Ep 20 – Adrian Carboni on why he walked away from over £1m worth of shares to launch his own agency!

30 March 2022|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this episode of The RAG Podcast I was joined by Adrian Carboni, the founder and CEO of Masento, a specialist technology recruitment agency in London.

Adrian launched Masento 5 years ago after a 15-year career with his previous employer! 

From being one of the top billers in the company to leading the most profitable division, Adrian was granted shares in the business that were projected to yield life-changing returns.

In this episode, Adrian talks at length about the reasons for walking away from the business and what he has learned from 5 years of leading a growing recruitment agency.

Honest, humble, and always adding humour, it’s no surprise that Adrian and his team are onto something special!

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