Season 5 | Ep 14 – James Osborne on his predictions for the global recruitment market in 2022!

9 February 2022|In Podcasts|By Gurnie

This week’s episode sees the return of a great friend and one of the recruitment industry’s most trusted advisors: the one and only James Osborne is back on The RAG Podcast!

James is the Chairman of The Recruitment Network, a global community of almost 9,000 active recruiters, managers, and business leaders.

We discussed how mad the market was in 2021, what James expects to see as the next big thing appearing on the recruitment industry’s horizon, and why candidate short markets shouldn’t be a problem for recruiters – it’s precisely the environment we were meant to operate in!

Not only that, but when you’re running businesses and building communities, how do you make time for yourself? Your family? The things you enjoy in life?

James is a value machine, and there’s plenty of useful takeaways and insights in this conversation. Get stuck in!

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