Season 5 | Ep 10 – Lewis Maleh on building a global, boutique search firm with a clear focus on building profit rather than scale.

13 December 2021|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode of The RAG Podcast Live, I was joined by Lewis Maleh, Founder and CEO of Bentley Lewis, an award-winning boutique executive search firm.

Also the host of 2 x podcasts: “Don’t take out your phone!” and “The Recruitment Show”.

Lewis believes he and his team are building the best executive search team in the world.

Lewis had no prior experience of exec search, but decided to back himself to make it work.12 years later, it’s safe to say he delivered!

The business was previously located in Central London offices. Since the pandemic, they’ve moved to a remote model with a drop in location in London for anyone who needs or wants to use it!

A super positive guy who is an inspiration for anyone looking to grow a great business with a focus on profit!