Season 5 | Ep 6 – Nick Vaughan on scaling Hamlyn Williams to 100 people and then leaving the business to build the Bloomberg of the recruitment sector!

17 November 2021|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode of The RAG Podcast Live, I was joined by Nick Vaughan, Founder of Hamlyn Williams and now CEO & Founder of Talent Ticker an actionable market intelligence platform for the recruitment industry.

Nick’s life began as a 3rd generation farmer in Herefordshire who moved to London to work in the city.

After learning his trade with S3 and JCW, he launched Hamlyn Williams in 2011, a specialised STEM focused Recruitment Agency with a HQ in Cardiff.

Over the next 7 years Nick managed to scale the business to over 100 people across multiple global offices in 3 continents before deciding that his skills were no longer suitable to take the business forward.

Today, the business is over 200 people and managed by a new CEO, Nick is fully focussed on the launch of his next venture and what a plan he has!

In this episode he shared 

  1. Nicks start up and scale up story
  2. How he got to 30 staff with no infrastructure and led to 100% staff churn
  3. The decisions that enabled him to scale to 100+ recruiters
  4. His top 3 tips for aspiring high growth business owners
  5. His sacrifice at home and the solid partnership with his wife whilst scaling
  6. His daily morning routine for success
  7. What is Talent Ticker and why should agencies consider using this innovative tool

An extremely inspiring entrepreneur, one you do not want to miss!

If you wish to speak to Nick personally – feel free to message him on LinkedIn here