Season 5 | Ep 4 – David Spencer-Percival on his secrets to growing £100m recruitment agencies multiple times and doing so without a laptop, purely operating on his iphone!

11 November 2021|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

On this week’s episode of The RAG Podcast Live, I was joined by David Spencer-Percival, Founder & CEO of Life Science People and serial recruitment entrepreneur.

David was in the founding team of Huntress Group in 2000 and exited in 2009 for a life changing sum of money. 

He then started Spencer Ogden in 2009 and repeated the process all over again! Growing to over 500 people and reaching over £100m in revenue, he then decided his work was done before leaving the company in 2020.

He is now back with one of the fastest growing recruitment start-ups in the world, with over 65 people in the business inside 12 months.

During his glittering career, David has adopted some really consistent habits and basic principles for success.  

In this episode he shared 

  1. The start up stories of each business
  2. His formula to scale via graduate academies 
  3. Why he doesn’t have a computer and runs his whole operation from an iphone
  4. His take on why many do not scale 
  5. Why profit isn’t the driver when scaling and how quick profit arrives when you slow down growth
  6. How he felt when he exited his businesses and why he knew he needed to get back in the game after 3 month breaks
  7. His life outside of work, happily married without children- he balances life in london with rural countryside and Ibiza to keep himself happy
  8. How turning 50 certainly affected his mental health and how he deals with this
  9. Finally his vision for the future and some wise words for budding recruitment entrepreneurs

One of my all time favourite episodes, you do not want to miss this!

If you wish to speak to David personally – feel free to email