Season 4 | Ep 23 – Sam Crisp on how they have achieved 180% year on year growth inside 5 years  and why building a team is truly the hardest aspect of being a business owner!

4 June 2021|In Podcasts|By Gurnie

Pleasure to be joined live on LinkedIn with Sam, Co-Founder of Orama Solutions. A specialist agency helping high growth tech companies achieve their scaling ambitions across UK, EU and USA.

Sam and his partner Paul started the business in their mid-20’s, in fact only weeks after having the ‘chat’ about a potential start up together, they had quit and were making it happen!

In this episode we discussed:

🎙The story of starting the business

🎙Why they chose to focus on the scale up tech market

🎙How they are investing in training and development at 25 people in order to reach the next milestones of 50+

🎙How he and Paul split their roles and why it works

🎙How they have mirrored their clients by building ‘inside sales’ teams

A young and hugely inspiring founder, any aspiring owner will get massive benefit from Sam’s story! If you have any questions for Sam directly then please contact him via LinkedIn!