Season 4 | Ep 24 – Daniel Fox on his journey from billing £1.4m per year as a recruiter to building a truly profitable agency with 35 people across UK, USA and EU

4 June 2021|In Podcasts|By Gurnie

I was really excited about today’s episode as my guest was someone who I had heard so much about during my recruitment days.

Daniel Fox is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Trilogy International, Forbes Testing and Quantum Six; all specialist businesses within the technology and business change & transformation markets

Prior to this he worked with the same people who trained me during my recruitment days in London, so we shared so many mutual contacts and stories!

In this episode we discussed:

🎙The story of Dan going from Football Agent to Recruitment Consultant

🎙His rise to billing £1.4m per year in his mid 20s

🎙Why he decided to leave and start his own company

🎙How he and his partner were served a legal letter on day 10 which changed everything 

🎙How sticking to a plan of being a contract first, profitable agency helped them ride the COVID wave without furloughing a single employee!

Super experienced recruiter with an honest account of what it takes to be a successful recruitment agency founder, Dan is happy to give time to anyone who may want to speak directly!! If you have any questions for him then please contact him via LinkedIn!