Season 4 | Ep 22 – Andy Morrell on taking a handful of recruiters at Oscar in 2007 and growing to 100 staff across 5 offices in the UK & USA!

20 May 2021|In Podcasts|By Gurnie

What a great chat I had with Andy today, a guy who at the age of 27 took over the helm of a loss-making recruitment agency after running a successful contract division of another local recruitment company in Manchester.

Now 14 years on, the business has just hit 100 staff and is on a trajectory for substantial growth moving forward

In this episode we discussed:

🎙Why he decided to join Oscar as opposed to starting his own agency
🎙How and why half the office quit when he took over
🎙The up and down nature of the business growth
🎙How Andy has learnt to balance the focus on immediate results with the patience of driving a long term vision through difficult times
🎙Why he believes that the people who work for you should care as much about the business as you

Such a genuine guy with amazing passion for our industry, if you have any questions for Andy directly then please contact him via LinkedIn!