Season 4 | Ep 20 – Jonathan Keen on building a flexible recruitment business consisting of experienced niche Microsoft specialist recruiters!

13 May 2021|In Podcasts|By Gurnie

Season 4 | Ep 20 – Jonathan Keen on building a truly flexible recruitment business consisting of mature, experienced, super niche Microsoft specialist recruiters!

Today I was delighted to be joined on The RAG Podcast Live with Jonathan Keen, the Founder & CEO of Cognitive Group, a 30+ staff recruitment agency experts in Microsoft talent acquisition & recruitment, based in London. 

Having met Jon on numerous occasions, I knew I was going to enjoy this one!

Originally from South Africa, Jon moved to the UK with no recruitment experience and limited funds. Having grown up in a household full of entrepreneurs, he knew this was also going to be his future path.

In this episode we discussed:

🎙His early life in SA, working for his father’s business 

🎙His move to London, staying in a single bedroom for £250 per month

🎙How he climbed to top billing status in his previous agency 

🎙His startup story and how he parted ways with his business partner in the recession

🎙How the pandemic affected the business

🎙Mistakes made trying to move into global markets and how he would approach this next time 

🎙The business today and his vision for future growth!

An articulate and charismatic leader with a clear vision for how he wants to grow his agency, if you would like to chat to Jon directly please contact them via LinkedIn!