Season 4 | Ep 15 – Paul Flynn on addiction, mental health and selling Staffgroup for over £20m!

18 March 2021|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

Today I was joined by Paul Flynn – an investor in recruitment and mental health businesses and the ex Founder / MD of Staffgroup which he sold in 2015 for over £20m

A warm and open person, I have only ever heard great things about Paul from the market. This was  my first ever chat with him in person and he certainly lived up to expectation. 

In today’s episode we discussed

🎙 Paul’s early days at Progressive (S3)

🎙 His journey to launching Staffgroup in 2003 with 2 co-founders

🎙 How he suffered from addiction and by 2006 needed to go to rehab to resolve this

🎙 Running his business as a sober leader, even with the annual trips to Vegas and Ibiza!

🎙 How he eventually sold in 2015

🎙What he did next

🎙His 3 key takeaways from his career for others to learn from

Paul is a recruiter at heart and he clearly loves the industry! One of the success stories of the past 15 years, feel free to contact him directly if you would like to ask any more questions relating to our conversation!