Season 4 | Ep 11 – Bernie Schiemer on going from an 8 figure exit as a recruitment owner to building the world’s fastest growing recruitment CRM!

25 February 2021|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

Today I was delighted to be joined by Bernie Schiemer, Founder and CEO of Vincere- the worlds number 1 all in one recruitment crm platform and our wonderful podcast sponsor!

Bernie has spent multiple decades in the recruitment industry and it is clear that what he doesn’t know, probably isn’t worth knowing. 

After selling his agency and enjoying his 8 figure payout for a couple of years, Bernie decided to become a tech entrepreneur (with no previous experience)

In today’s episode we discussed

🎙 How in he came to sell his agency

🎙 How he felt with 8 figures in the bank but no job

🎙 Why he wanted to go again as a business owner

🎙 Why he decided to venture into the world of start ups

🎙 His vision for Vincere and where he sees the future of our industry

Genuine and extremely likeable, not only will this give you an insight into selling an agency but also the brains behind the amazing platform we know as Vincere.