Season 4 | Ep 9 – James Johnson on growing and selling Nicoll Curtin to launch a community of top performing independent recruiters that is designed to give them EXACTLY what they want!

18 February 2021|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

Today I was delighted to be joined on Hoxo LinkedIn Live by James Johnson, Founder of District4 and former CEO of global recruitment group Nicoll Curtin (rebranded as ‘The Hive’) 

James is a very articulate business leader who never actually worked as a recruiter before taking over his fathers business in 2014.

After growing the business across 4 global locations and learning lots along the way, he decided that leading a large traditional recruitment business was not actually aligned to his personality or ambitions. 

So he sold the group business and created a sub brand that sits in it’s portfolio.

In today’s episode we discussed

🎙 How in he came to take over Nicoll Curtin

🎙 What he learnt about scaling the business globally

🎙 Why recruitment agencies will not make much profit between 15-60 staff

🎙 Why he decided to sell and start something completely different

🎙His vision for growing a modern recruitment community that is designed to fit EXACTLY what the modern top biller wants!

Intelligent, articulate and honest, I loved recording this episode with James! If you are interested to find out more about District4 or would like to pick his brains on anything re scaling a recruitment business then feel free to reach directly via Linkedin