Season 4 | Ep 5 – Andy Shatwell on growing a business of 70 recruiters who all lead sales with marketing content!

4 February 2021|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

Today I was delighted to be joined on Hoxo LinkedIn Live by Andy Shatwell, MD Charlton Morris, a 70 staff agency headquartered in Leeds UK

Andy has a business that is thriving and his whole team are invested in using marketing to win business and educate candidate communities!

This is literally the future of our industry as I see it!

In today’s episode we discussed

🎙 How in he grew to 50 staff with relative ease

🎙 How they organically grew their marketing department 

🎙 How they invested 500k into an office that was opening in April 2020 (but didnt due to CV19)

🎙 How they have become a media publisher in their chosen markets and are years ahead of the competition

An awesome guy who is humble and happy to help -get in touch directly to find out more!