Why content is vital for LinkedIn recruitment marketing

4 January 2021|In Blog|By Sean Anderson

LinkedIn should play a primary role in your recruitment marketing strategy.

It’s where your target audience hangs out, so you should be active there too. But using LinkedIn is about more than just waiting for potential candidates and clients to reach out to you. You need to attract people into your circle of influence, and that’s where content comes in to play.

Here’s why creating content is vital for successful recruitment marketing on LinkedIn.

Content builds trust with future clients and job seekers

When you started as a recruiter, I’m willing to bet no one ever told you the importance of producing content. It’s just something no one ever talked about!

But in today’s digital world, creating and sharing content on LinkedIn is your way of getting known, becoming liked, and building trust with your audience.

That last point is critical. The best recruiters in the world are the best because they’re trusted. And content is your way of building that trust.

Keep the following diagram in mind when building your LinkedIn content marketing strategy:

Using content for recruitment marketing works

I wouldn’t have spent the last few years building an inbound marketing agency for recruitment agencies – and an academy for teaching recruiters how to use LinkedIn – if I didn’t know that it gets results.

It does.

Every week I’m inundated with messages from recruiters telling me how they’re closing more deals, attracting more candidates, and becoming thought leaders in their field. It’s all thanks to LinkedIn marketing.

The good news is, your competitors are still only just figuring this out. There’s a massive opportunity for you to get ahead of the game and start recruitment marketing on LinkedIn now before everyone’s doing it.

Getting started with content creation on LinkedIn

When I started out using LinkedIn as a recruitment platform, I didn’t know what to post or when to post it. Coming up with ideas of what to post is the trickiest part, there’s no doubt about it.

To help you out, here’s the proven process I use to generate content ideas.

Start with intent

Before you know what you’re going to post, spend time considering the intent behind the post. Ask yourself:

‘What’s the purpose of sharing this content?’

You might want to announce the launch of a new service, answer questions you know job candidates need answering, or simply want to get your view across. Whatever the case, figure out the intent of your content first. You can work backwards from there.

Don’t be afraid to get personal

I find some of the top-performing content on LinkedIn isn’t even about business. It’s about personal stuff – thoughts, opinions, feelings.

So don’t be fooled by the misconception that LinkedIn’s purely a business platform – it’s a people platform!

Share your struggles, hopes, successes, and failures openly. Speak from the heart.

You’ll come across more human, and people will engage more if they can see you’re more than just your ‘professional recruiter’ persona.

Again, linking back to the diagram above, you can’t ever truly gain someone’s trust if you don’t open up about yourself in return for it. Imagine going on a first date and not telling the other person anything about yourself? It’s safe to say you’d probably stay single forever!

Take a look at this personal post I shared about my little french bulldog, Henry:

As you can see, it attracted loads of likes and comments because I was speaking from the heart. When you share personal stories, people will naturally relate and want to share their own.

Post your content consistently

The more you post on LinkedIn, the more likely it is for people to stumble upon your content organically.

Consistency is key here. Posting out content once every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is far more effective than sharing five posts one day a week.

Of course, finding the time to manage your LinkedIn content is a challenge. I know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve put together a handy LinkedIn content planner to help you plan your posts ahead of time. It’s the same planner I use to plan my content every week, and it’s yours for free at the link below.

Download our content planner