Season 3 | Ep 25 – Stella Petrou Concha on why merging her recruitment agency with another small business is a sign for what our industry needs in the future!

18 December 2020|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

WOW what an episode to round up 2020!

Alongside co-host Pete Watson, I was joined on LinkedIn live by Stella Petrou Concha, Founder & CEO of Reo Group and soon to be CEO & Co-Founder Reo+Purtell a merger set to complete in January 2021 in Sydney, Australia.

Stella started her recruitment agency 10 years ago with her husband Marcelo, only 2 years into her recruitment career!

I have had the pleasure of working with Stella in 2020 and I don’t think I know a motivated or inspiring leader.

In this episode she reveals

  • Where her ‘force’ comes from – deep in her childhood
  • How she coped in lockdown with her husband and business partner in the same house
  • How and why she has merged her agency with Cox Purtell
  • How she sees the future of our sector being built on collaboration and mergers of small agencies

I would go as far to say this is my favourite ever RAG episode! Stella is incredible and someone we can all learn from. If you would like to talk to her directly then reach out to her on LinkedIn, she will no doubt help in any way she can!