Season 3 | Ep 23 – Paul Donovan on finding humour and positivity in every situation, even in the global pandemic!

11 December 2020|In Podcasts|By Sean Anderson

In today’s episode, alongside co-host Pete Watson,  I was joined on LinkedIn live by Paul Donovan, Regional Director at Bluefin Resources- Australia’s Number 1 Specialist Recruitment Agency.

Paul has been in the industry for over 20 years and has seen 2 x economic downturns.  He moved from London to Brisbane almost 10 years ago and soon found himself settled in Melbourne where he has stayed ever since.

In today’s episode, Paul shared his experience of joining Bluefin Resources, a Powerhouse in Sydney at the team with the task of leading an underperforming office in Victoria to a profitable place.

Pauls attitude is an extremely positive one. He talks about the ‘people first’ agenda in his business and how they didn’t let a single employee go during the COVID pandemic.

I love how despite the longest lockdown in the world, Paul managed to stay calm, positive and find humour in every situation, if you would like to reach out to Paul and ask any questions directly, he is more than happy to help.